The School Factory has a great list of things to think about when looking for a space. We covered most of it, but it's worthwhile reading.

Must Have Requirements:

  • Warehouse or building that supports industrial activities (think welding)
  • Min 2000 sq ft (Crash Space is 1600 sq ft)
  • Ground Floor
  • Outdoor Area (even if parking lot)
  • Near Metro Station
  • Available Parking
  • Reception Area (double as curated gallery space)
  • Babysitting Area for little kids
  • 'Classroom'/Teaching area
  • Restrooms
  • Break Room to hold Fridge, Sink, Microwave
  • Within 10 miles of a hospital
  • Food Options
  • Majority of Working Group Members want the space in DTLA (A majority of the first meeting attendees wanted it in downtown.)

Nice to have:
  • Roll-up door

Note: We discussed that being on a walk street is not important as we don't think we'll cater to "walk-in" traffic. The space is a destination.
We'd like to keep montly lease under $3k.

Space Planning Ideas

photo (3).JPG

Location Name
Building Type
Sq. Footage
Closest Metro Station
Break Room?
Reception Area?
Outdoor Area?
Nearest Hospital?
Food Options?
Add in real estate options from George our realtor

Downtown Los Angeles

[Tara] After reading several DTLA Parent Blogs, demographics, etc. I think that if we were to setup space in DTLA, we would want to try and be in or near to this area to attract parents and kids within DTLA as well as families that are traveling to DTLA. Teens hangout at the library, LA Live, Little Tokyo, etc. but they are more mobile. It's near 2 metro stations and 2 major freeways. To answer the question of whether or not we would be competing with the possible space opening in Boyle Heights, the answer is I don't think so. They are specifically targeting underserved kids where we are targeting a blended demo.

According to LA Times Map, there are 5000 kids under the age of 18 in DTLA.

external image 7310278442_44070f4313.jpg


Great demographic info care of LA Times.
30,000 kids under the age of 18.

external image 7350370434_4aae526215.jpg

Potential location
LA Central Library

1. Large existing facility
2. Centrally located in LA
3. Easy access to transit
4. Existing community
As per Eva Mitnick they don't have a permanent space that can be used for a makerspace, only temp.
1. Contacted the head of the foundation. He expresses interest, but warns of institutional inertia in working with the library system.
2. Tara is meeting with Eva Mitnick, Dept Mgr at Central Library. They want a partner to implement a maker like space.
Can anyone attend at anytime of the day?
Can toddlers come?
Wildwood Library

1. Existing community
2. Quick access to people who could run classes there.
1. Space limitations
2. Limitations on the type of equipment which could be used in that space
1. Currently working with the facilities group at the Wildwood school to scope of the logistics of setting up space. There is administrative support, but logistics may prevent it.
Can anyone attend at anytime of the day? - No
Can toddlers come? - No
68 Dowtown Projects
DTLA has a lot of activity happening plus metro

5000 sq ft Warehouse
80 cents/sq ft ($4000)

Various Industrial Spaces for Lease

Metro Lines

(we discussed being near metro stations)

All the lines on a Google Map.

Red Line

Are there school aged children (Kindergarten - 18) in downtown LA?
Yes, according to the LA Downtown News:

Also, many parents bring their families to the Central Library in downtown LA on Saturdays for weekly programs in the Children's Literature department (puppet shows) and the Taper Auditorium (paid performers.) The programs are so popular, they routinely have to turn families away because of occupancy/fire code limitations.


Location Name
Building Type
Sq. Footage
Closest Metro Station
Break Room?
Reception Area?
Outdoor Area?
Nearest Hospital?
Food Options?
"Ukropina" Building (suggested by Joseph Chiu)


PDF Flyer:

Old Town Pasadena
95 North Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91103
Commercial / Other.
Varies.$1.1-$3.5/sf, depending on floor and size. Entire building may be available available for ~$1.3/sf.
838 to 16,479
3 (basement+2stories)

There is a ramp from the street level to the basement.
Gold Line Memorial Park Station,, 100 feet away.
2 on site. Also, 35 spaces across the street leasable from the city.
No. Can be built.
No - But there is a playground across the street and a public open area right next to the building.
Huntington Hospital 1.5 miles away. Urgent care clinic 0.75 miles away.
Lots of restaurants in the area.
PUSD schools; there's also a private school about 0.5 miles away.